About Us


As Galata Educational Institutions, we offer quality and quality education to your service with our 2 branches, Tophane and Avcılar headquarters. With the contemporary active methods and methods we use, we are able to appeal to all kinds of learning levels, and to our wide student potential with our domestic and international contacts. We also show our difference with our in-class and extra-curricular communication with our students. If you want to join this extended family, the only address is Galata Educational Institutions.
Our institution uses this energy potential for YÖS, SAT, and TÖMER courses. Our claim to teach Turkish is also valid for our YÖS and SAT courses. Our experienced and ambitious staff for Turkish is also available for YÖS and SAT. With our newest learning and teaching strategies we have been using, we continue our efforts with all our energy to include our esteemed students in YÖS – SAT – TÖMER courses.


We provide the necessary environment and materials to teach Turkish, a new language for you. We use the opportunities and methods required by the age to increase the quality of education to the highest level. We present Turkish as a part of your life, not as a new language. In addition to teaching Turkish as a language, we also convey Turkish culture, traditions, and customs to you as a whole.

We also use the latest and newest methods and strategies we use to teach our beautiful Turkish for our YÖS and SAT classes. We are also a part of success with the test methods and tactics we have told our students for YÖS and SAT exams. In our institution, which has achieved a goal for YÖS and SAT exams, we are pleased to bring our students to the points they target.


It is our primary duty to make every student in our institution feel that they are part of this family. We give our training in this way, considering scientific ethical and universal values. In addition, we are presenting certificates approved by the Ministry of Education for every student who has completed their basic, intermediate, and advanced levels for Turkish.


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